What is Stone’s Throw Condominium Association, Inc?

Stone’s Throw Condominium Association (STCA), is, incorporated, non-profit homeowners’ association (HOA), is a legal entity created for the purpose of developing, maintaining, and managing Stone’s Throw Condominiums. Stone’s Throw is a Federally Certified Property (FHA Certified).

What do you mean by FHA certified?

FHA Certification is the method used by HUD (the Department of Housing and Urban Development) to ensure that Condominium Complexes meet detailed criteria to ensure that they are financially stable and managed properly. HUD uses the certification process as a risk management tool to reduce the probability of foreclosures on FHA insured loans on condominiums. This new “FHA Approval Process” is a detailed and extensive review of the Condominium Projects legal documents, financials, and overall health of the community.

FHA Certification benefits the entire community, even if there is only one unit up for sale.  This means that in the future an FHA Loan can be assumed (including the interest rate) by a new buyer. With interest rates at an all-time low, this is a very valuable asset to our HOA community and will increase the value of units throughout the community.

Re-certify for FHA approval every two years. The next re-certification for our community will be JUNE 2018.

Where can I look up the certification?

You can view/pull up the certification on the government website hud.gov


(In the above link, Enter Zip code 35806 and then select “send”)

Who is a member of STCA?

Each and every homeowner (on the deed) is a member of STCA.  Membership is both automatic and mandatory as a homeowner.

Who operates STCA?

The STCA Board of Directors is given the authority to enforce the association by-laws, and to manage the amenities of our community as defined in those by-laws.

The Board of Directors, a voluntary group of homeowners, are elected annually by fellow homeowners during our town hall meetings.  The STCA Board of Directors is gathered together to help protect our property values, and to enhance our sense of community.  A growing number of neighborhoods in Huntsville have a Home Owners Association (HOA) like STCA.  STCA is subject to the statutes that govern homeowners’ associations.

In general, all meetings of the board of directors are open to all members of the HOA. Notice of the meetings must be provided in a reasonable manner at, no less than 5 days is typically provided.

What are the main HOA Board officer positions?

The main Board officer positions include President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. The other positions are At Large. All votes on the Board are weighed equally.


What are by-laws, and how do I get a copy?

STCA by-laws are a set of rules and guidelines regarding the operation of Stone’s Throw Condominiums, which are in turn regulated by Alabama Uniform Condominium Act. The by-laws include homeowner responsibilities, along with policies and procedures followed by the Board of Directors involved with the successful operation of Stone’s Throw Condominiums.

All new homeowners are provided a copy of the bylaws after they purchase a unit. Any additional/replacement copies may be purchased for twenty-five dollars ($25.00)

The by-laws are also available in PDF format for informational purposes under documents on; http://www.stonesthrow.org/

What are Covenants, Conditions and restrictions (CC&R’s) aka House Rules?

In order to assure the peaceful and orderly use and enjoyment of the building and common elements of said condominium, the Board of Directors may from time to time adopt such reasonable Covenants, Conditions and restrictions (CC&R’s) to be called House Rules, governing the conduct of persons on the condominium property as a majority of the Directors may deem necessary. These house rules are binding upon all members of the association and occupants of the property. The Board of Directors shall enforce the House Rules by injunctive proceedings if necessary, Section VIII of the bylaws. The house rules can be found under documents on the website.

Who are the STCA Board of Directors?

The STCA board is comprised of volunteer residents, elected annually by fellow homeowners during our town hall meetings: The current board has the following positions.

What is the role and duty of the board?

The board members owe a fiduciary duty to the homeowners to manage and operate the association using the care that an ordinarily prudent person would use under the same or similar circumstances. The rational basis for all decisions must be the best interests of the association consistent with its purposes.

How do I contact the STCA board?

You may call or send a text message to:
(256) 829-8563 (you may remain anonymous when no reply is requested)

Email your questions to the board at:  president@stonesthrow.org

Mail your questions to:
Stones throw Condominiums Association
1003 Stones Throw Lane NW
Huntsville, Alabama  35806-3523

A community drop mail box (burgundy/reddish) is located next to the residential mail boxes across from the pool near the clubhouse, beside the green community trash receptacle.

Can I vote for board members using this website?

Unfortunately, not at this time.  If voting is available through the website in the future, the board will notify each homeowner.

When are our town hall meetings, and where are they held?

The association regularly schedules town hall meetings, and notifies each homeowner before the meeting.  The meetings are usually held in the clubhouse located beside our pool.  Notices are places on the mailboxes for any future meetings.

How do I join the website’s email mailing list?

 At the current time, there is no website emailing list.

Do I have to be a board member to contribute to our community?

Absolutely not!   There are opportunities to join various committees that handle the development of community activities.  If you have a specific area of interest, or an issue of personal concern (holiday decorations, community parties and gatherings, other improvement ideas), and would like to volunteer to help make a difference, please contact the association.

May I bring a visitor to our town hall meetings?

Of course, visitors are welcome.  Even though our town hall meetings are organized for homeowners, STCA will not prevent visitors from attending.  As per the bylaws ,visitors not acting as proxies may NOT participate during the meeting, and may be asked to step outside during financial discussions.  Due to the by-laws, only homeowners are allowed to participate in communication with the board and homeowners.

By contacting the board in advance, arrangements can be made for approved guest speakers to be invited to our town hall meetings to share information on a variety of topics.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is an individual appointed to act or vote on behalf of a homeowner by representing them at our town hall meetings.  The board must be notified in advance by the homeowner that a proxy will be attending the town hall meeting to act on behalf of the homeowner, in order to prevent any potential for misrepresentation.

Who do I call in an emergency?

  • In cases of an emergency such as fire, or when an ambulance or Huntsville police are needed immediately, please dial:
    • 911 (emergency services)
  • For an electric outage, natural gas leak, or an outside water leak:
    • (256) 535-4448 (Huntsville Utilities)
  • In case of storm damage, downed tree limbs, or roof leaks:
    • (256) 829-8563 (STCA voice mail or Text Messaging)

If I see something or someone suspicious in our community, what should I do, and who should I call?

Call the Huntsville police department’s non-emergency number to report any suspicious activity.  This number can also be used any time police assistance is needed and there’s not an emergency: (256) 722-7100 (Huntsville police non-emergency)
You can request to stay anonymous.

Please also call or email STCA so the board is aware of the suspicious activity. You can request to stay anonymous (256) 829-8563 (STCA voice mail) mailto:  president@stonesthrow.org (email)
You can request to stay anonymous.

Are there rules about noise?

The City of Huntsville observes a noise ordinance which is enforced by the Huntsville police department, along with the noise expectations and guidelines that are outlined in the association by-laws.  You may call the Huntsville police department’s non-emergency number to report any violations:
(256) 722-7100 (Huntsville police non-emergency)

Please inform the association once a compliant has been reported to the local police:
(256) 829-8563 (STCA voice mail)
president@stonesthrow.org (email)
A courtesy call will be made by the board to the violating unit. If noise continues, at another time, a fine may be imposed as per the house rules.

If I observe another homeowner who is not in compliance with other by-laws for our community, who do I contact?

If you believe a governing rule has been violated or is about to be violated, please contact the Board by phone/text or email. Please include dates, times, and detailed information concerning what was observed and who was involved.

Any and all legitimate complaints are investigated and addressed. Your complaint is always anonymous.

How do HOA boards enforce rules?

Disciplinary actions by a HOA are typically in the form of fines, but in more serious cases may go as far as a lien or foreclosure the property. Fines are assessed differently depending on the nature of the infraction. Such drastic measures as foreclosures are only necessary if advised by the Association lawyer, so as to protect the interests of the homeowners.

What are association dues?

Homeowners that live in a covenanted community, such as STCA, are required to pay a periodic fee to the HOA to cover maintaining or upkeep of the community. The STCA association dues amounts are a predetermined by homeowners at annual meetings. This fee is billed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly depending on the homeowner requirements.

  • The dues for a 2 (one) bedroom are: One hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) a month.
  • The dues for a 1 (two) bedroom are: One hundred and thirty-five dollars ($135.00) a month.

How do I pay my association dues?

Dues may be paid by check, cashier’s check, or money order, made payable to STCA, and placed in the community drop box, or mailed to:

Stones throw Condominiums Association
1003 Stones Throw Lane NW
Huntsville, Alabama  35806-3523


Can I pay my dues through the STCA website or with a credit card?

The website is not currently designed to accept online payments, and STCA does not have a method in place to accept credit card payments at this time.   Online payments are possible through third-party bill pay services available through most local banks and credit unions.  Please contact your personal bank or credit union for additional information.

When do I pay my association dues?

Dues (and potential assessments and other fees) are due and payable on the first day of each month.

What happens if I’m late paying my dues?

In order to keep consistency, as per the bylaws, the Board has adopted the delinquent dues policy to ensure uniformity for all homeowner. Failure to pay can and has resulted in liens on the property being placed. The policy can be located if you click the link below or you may email/mail a request for a hard copy. http://www.stonesthrow.org/documents/Delinquent-Dues-Policy-Final.pdf

When was the last time the association dues were raised?

The last time dues were raised was in 2015, dues were increased by thirty dollars ($30.00) a month for all homeowners.

Who keeps track of the association bank accounts?

A dedicated bank account has been opened for STCA. The Board of Directors is responsible for the collection of dues and potential assessments.  STCA retains an accountant manages the billing, collection of dues, assessments, and to perform any associated accounting and yearly tax filing.

What are assessments?

Occasionally homeowners required to pay a share of common expenses not covered by the monthly association dues, such as large improvement projects, unplanned maintenance expenses, or repairs to the common areas and shared amenities.  These items are voted on by the homeowners and must receive a majority of the votes of the participating homeowners.  You can refer to the Stone’s Throw by-laws for additional information, and to download a PDF copy, under documents on the website.

When was the last time the association did an assessment?

Assessments are rare, the last one done was October 2013 for a new fence

What is the difference between dues and assessments?

“Dues” are the monthly payments that keep Stonesthrow functioning. They are designed to cover normal operational costs as well as fund maintenance activities. The dues levels are determined by the board of directors, but may not be increased by more than 10% a year without a majority vote by the residents.

“Special assessments” are non-reoccurring special charges that may be needed from time to time as circumstances dictate. For example, if a major repair must be performed immediately, and the cost of the repair is larger than the Associations available funds. All special assessments must be approved by a majority vote within the Association.

What do my dues pay for/cover?

  • General liability insurance for the association required for the protection of STCA (Storms, wind or snow damage)
  • Accounting functions for handling STCA finances and by annual certifications, maintaining the bank account, preparation of an annual tax return, routine billing and collection processes and procedures, wages, taxes, and legal fees. A copy of the STCA annual budget is distributed and voted on during the annual town hall meeting.
  • Maintenance of the clubhouse, pool, signage, mechanical replacement and repair, fencing, mowing, edging, landscaping, and general maintenance of common areas.
  • Exterior building painting, maintenance and repair, re-roofing, re-paving, and siding maintenance.
  • Professional law Service.
  • Professional grass treatment.
  • Emergency repairs if needed to common elements.
  • STCA improvements and additions.
  • Refuse (garbage) collection 3 times a week.
  • Pest control (COOKS) and termite bonding.
  • Utilities & water that benefit the community i.e. Power and water service bills for the clubhouse, pool, irrigation, and lighting installed in common areas.
  • Website upkeep, printing, copy supplies ( paper, ink, mail).
  • STCA provides Comcast Xfinity Digital Starter cable package only, along with one digital tuner, included with your dues at no additional charge to each homeowner.
  • A percentage of the homeowner dues is placed into reserves in order to provide adequate long-term maintenance and upkeep of the property. This also helps reduce the frequency and impact of assessments when they are necessary, as long-term projects are budgeted for in advance.
  • A percentage (10%) of the homeowner dues is placed into reserves for recertification purposes. FHA requires this amount to be shown in the annual budget so as to obtain certification.
  • Bank account maintenance.
  • Association Accountant.
  • Lawyer fees / Retailer/ Court Costs.

Who can review the Financial records of the Association.

Any homeowner ( on the deed) can request and be granted access to the association financial records. These would include, but not limited to pass, current budgets, income and expense sheets.

Who provides pest control for the association?

The Board of Stones Throw Homeowners Association, STCA, has entered into contract with Cooks Pest Control® to perform pest control for the exterior and interior of all buildings in our Association. Spraying will be done, on a bi-monthly basis, on the second last day of the respective month depending on which building you reside in, as detailed below.

The spraying schedule, based on numbered (#) the months of the year, will be as follows;

ODD # MONTHS – Building A, B, C , D, E + Clubhouse
EVEN # MONTHS – Building F, G, H, I, J

Cooks Pest Control has informed us that interior spraying may not be needed due to the efficiency of the chemicals creating a barrier inhibiting bugs entering the building. As such, interior spraying will not be automatic, however, a homeowner/resident who has an infestation or would like inside spraying, may call

Cooks at the number below to schedule (at no cost) an individual spraying/chemical treatment for the interior of their unit.

Homeowner Individual Spraying ( Cooks )
Cooks Pest Control – 256-772-2440

For information about the company visit : https://www.cookspest.com/business/business-type/condominiums/

How do I upgrade or add services to my cable television package?

Comcast / Xfinity offers additional programming upgrades that can be billed directly to the homeowner or tenant in addition to what is provided with your association dues.  Please visit www.comcast.com or http://my.xfinity.com/?cid=cust  call Comcast / Xfinity for additional information:  (256) 859-7800 (Comcast Xfinity customer service)

Can I install satellite television service?

The installation of satellite television service not allowed by on association grounds unless approved in writing by the Board.  Please contact the board for additional information before you order/transfer service.

What can be thrown in the trash?

ONLY household trash can be thrown in the trashcan. No furniture or appliance are allowed. All trash/ items thrown away have to be in a garbage back or can fit through the door on the side. ALL boxes have to be broken down.

Please DO NOT place trash on the side or in front of the trashcan. Any excess trash should be place behind the mailbox to avoid charges being levied to the association.

I would like to replace my Awning, storm door, main door (exterior) or window.

With any of the four items above, the homeowner is deemed to own and have the exclusive right and duty to repair, clean and maintain. The following requirements are requiring for the replacement of the following detailed items, so as to conform with the bylaws and conform with the architectural components of the association:

  • Windows: Windows replaced must be replaced with vinyl dual pane windows (not tinted) Trim must be plain (no decoration) and linen in color.
  • Door: Must be steel, white 6 panes, no window.  Association is responsible for painting Burgundy color.
  • Storm doors: Full glass, trim must be either cream, black or burgundy.
  • Awning: Can only be burgundy with scalloped edging trimmed in white. Permission to install is required.

I am remodeling my home, where do I get rid of the material?

ABSLOUTELY no remodeling material (sheet rock, furniture, carpet, beds, chairs etc.) can be thrown in the trash due to the limited space. Anyone caught doing it will be accessed a fee so as to hire a third party to dispose of the material. IF you see someone disposing of such material, we encourage you to report the matter, which will be anonymous.  Offenders will be fined one hundred dollars ($100) to clean unapproved contents in or outside the trash container.

What are common areas/elements?

Common areas are shared areas in our community intended for use by the all Stone’s Throw Condominium residents, such as our lawn areas, clubhouse, pool, and parking areas; see Section 5 of the bylaw declaration page.

How can I receive a copy of STCA liability insurance information?

Please contact the Board President or Accountant, in writing, with your request, including which format you would prefer to receive the information (mailed hard copy or email) or go to the website under financials and download it. NOTE: ALL financial documents on the website are password protected. In order to obtain the password to open the document, email the association president or call the association phone number and leave a voicemail. The document is updated yearly upon renewal of the insurance policy, in August.

Do I need my own insurance policy?

YES; The Stones Throw Condominium Association (STCA) is covered by a master insurance policy that covers the structures in the complex. This insurance has been in force for many years and is automatically renewed each year. The Association buildings are covered by this policy at all times.

You will still need to obtain your own insurance policy to cover your belongings and the aspects of the unit that you are responsible for. Note that insurance companies may distinguish between “renters” and “condo” insurance policies. You need condo insurance, due to the fact that a renters insurance may not cover items such as electrical and HVAC systems.

When can I use the pool, how do I get my key, and can I invite friends?

Swimmers must be residents of Stone’s Throw Condominiums and their guests.  Residents must accompany guests always, with a maximum of six guests per homeowner are allowed. The pool rules are clearly listed at the pool or can be viewed online. No pets are allowed at or in the pool. For a copy of the rules, please visit the association website and click on the documents tab.


I lost my pool key, can I get another one?

If you lose your first key, the cost of obtaining another key will be fifteen dollars ($15.00). This covers key duplication. Please contact the board at the association phone number or email the president.

Alternatively, you can place fifteen dollars ($15.00), by check, in the association mail box with your contact information and we will contact you on how to obtain your key. If you have lost your key more than once, the cost to replace it is fifty ($50.00)

How do I reserve the clubhouse how much will it cost?

In order to reserve the clubhouse, call/text/email the Board about your intention of reserving it.

The process is first come first served, however to secure the place you MUST PLACE A DEPOSIT.  A homeowner MUST sign the appropriate paperwork/contracts, make a refundable deposit by check and by cash if your venue will be held less than seven (7) days from the reservation date and finally make a walkthrough ( before and after). If less than seven (7) days notice are provided, a bankers check or cash are required.

Please review the paperwork for full details and cancellation policies. We strongly encourage you to read the clubhouse rules and requirement under the documents tab at www.stonesthrow.org

The steps to reserve the clubhouse are listed on the clubhouse documents (website): http://www.stonesthrow.org/documents/Clubchouse-Agreement-Effective-2013.pdf.  PLEASE NOTE that no absolutely NO pool privileges come with the rental of the club house: If you rent the clubhouse, your guests are NOT allowed in the pool area or you forfeit your deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Homeowners   : The deposit is one hundred dollars ($100.00) , refundable

Tenants              : The deposit is one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) plus a non-refundable twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to defray the cost of the utilities.

If the clubhouse contents are left clean and undamaged after the event, and no rules were violated/reported a refund is issued (by check) or may be applied to your dues (if you request).

For all rules and conditions view the application under the documents tab of the website:


What kind of pet can I have?

As per the bylaws the only allowed pets are dogs, cats, small birds and fish. The weight limit for a pet is thirty pounds when fully grown.  There are guidelines and city regulations governing animals, and for cleaning up after your pet/s, and additional expectations in the by-laws and the pet bylaws on the website.

Also, the pet policies, homeowner responsibilities & liability are outlined fully in our by-laws, Section 26:


Also, the Huntsville Pet Ordinances can be found at:


Please note that the board reserves the right revoke or terminate a conditional pet license, as per the bylaws, if a pet /owner fails to adhere to required rules and regulations.

Why must I register my pet and have a DNA record?

Stonesthrow Condominiums pride ourselves in being a “Pet-Friendly” Association. Due to a small number of residents failing to scoop dog waste, the Board voted, in May 2017, to implement DNA registration  for the safety, health and wellbeing of pets, residents and the environment. This effectively amended the pet rules and regulations which were made effective ______________ (this will be updated once flyers go out).

Initially, the Association tried to manage this problem as best we could; however, dog waste continued to be a problem as some residents did not collect after their pet and left their pet’s waste for others to deal with.

The board wished to provide a more attractive and healthy living environment for our residents, therefore, we/board are started a program known as PooPrints®. A DNA swab (collection) is taken from your pet and set up with PooPrint®. If any feaces/poop are seen on the association grounds, a sample is sent to the company to get a DNA reading of which dog it is in the association. A fine is imposed, as noted in the pet bylaws in the documents section.

 Registering a pet will provide accountability.

A copy of the pet registration form is under the documents/pets.

I was cited/fines by the association for a pet violation do to “not collecting”. Can I contest?

The DNA result are unique and 99.99%, and only match the pet poop tested. Unfortunately there is no way to contest.

Can I report any pet violations to the city?

Pets within the association have to adhere to the city ordinance as well.

If you notice a pet off a leash, lack on non cleaning by an owner or any other violation, please call ANIMAL CONTROL at 256-883-3788 and give a description of the animal, and if possible, the Condo number. This information will be logged into a database. All calls are anonymous.

You may also report the issue at the association website, under contact us.

Can my guest bring a pet to the association?

Due to liability reasons, and lack of registration of those animal, guests such as but not limited to friends/visiting family’ area absolutely NOT permitted to bring any pets to the association.

Where do I park my car?

All vehicles must be in running condition and must have a registered tag. One vehicle can be parked in front of the resident’s building.  Parking for additional vehicles and guests are outlined in the house rules located under documents on the association website:

And the related policies governed by our by-laws:


If I have visitors, where do they park?

Two vehicles are allowed to park in front of your building. Additional guests must use the second vehicle parking areas, or park in front of our clubhouse.  For detailed information, and the location of the second vehicle parking areas, please refer to the house rules / covenants and restrictions found under the documents tab on the association website.

Related policies outlined in our by-laws found under the documents tab on the association website.

Who do I call when a street light is out?

We routinely check for lights that have burnt out, but if one is missed, or goes out between regular checks, please contact the Board for maintenance:

(256) 829-8563 (STCA voice mail or text)

president@stonesthrow.org (email)

I lost my mailbox key?

If you lose your mail box key, you have to contact the POST Office in our area in order for them to assist you to change the lock.  The closest post office is on Wynn Drive. Due to Federal Privacy laws, the HOA does NOT keep any homeowner mail box keys. Should you need to change the mailbox lock, you (tenant/homeowner) will have to arrange they lock change out with the Wynn Drive Post office (Located at 645 Wynn Drive, 35816) and arrange a time when the mail carrier (USPS) can open the mailbox unit to allow you to change the lock. 

Locks are available at local hardware stores.

How old are the building roofs?

The roof of each building was re-shingled in 2010.

May I fly an American flag on my home?

 Yes, you may fly an American flag from a bracket on your home at any time.  Installation must been approved by the association in advance.

If I want to make changes, additions, or improvements to my unit, what process do I need to follow?

 Any changes service must follow the guidelines governed with the by-laws, and plans must be reviewed and receive approval by the board prior to any changes being made.  Please review the bylaws or contact the board for more information/guidance.

If I disagree with a decision made by the board, can I sue the association?

Certainly.  However; keep in mind, suing STCA is essentially suing yourself, since every homeowner is a member.  Also, consider the HOA retains legal counsel at the expense of the association, and if the decision were to favor the association, you might be responsible for attorney’s fees, court costs, filing fees, etc.

Can I rent or lease my condo out?

YES; However, anyone renting or leasing a home in the community is bound by all of the same Covenants, Conditions and restrictions (CC&R’s) that apply to homeowners, in order to ensure that all homeowners are protected from the actions, or inactions, of tenants that may be renting or leasing a home.  If you lease your unit, you must provide a tenant lease and contact information, as prescribed by the bylaws. Please review the bylaws for full details.  A tenant has to follow all rules and regulations as well.  It is the sole responsibility and duty of the homeowner to advise his/her tenants of association rule and covenants.

What happens if my tenant/renter is not abiding by some of the rules?

Ultimately, the homeowner is responsible for their tenant. We always encourage that you inform the board of any new tenants that move in.

My plumber has told me I need new water line?

Water lines to individual units are exclusive use items, as per Section 13 of the bylaws,  and as such a homeowner is responsible for the repair or replacement of a fault water line. Please note that if the plumber digs the association grounds ( common element), the homeowner is responsible for the replacement of any grass or concrete to the same condition it was before.

Any connection to the building has to be hidden, and cannot be visible so as not to change the character of the association. If your contractor digs / saws the pavement / or other work that changes that character of the common grounds/building, a homeowner will be responsible for restoring the affected area as needed and to the satisfaction of the board. This may include but not limited to installing new sod, replacing damages concrete, filling trenches, installing new siding etc.

Does the association have the drawing schematics of the property?

            Unfortunately, the board has limited schematics for the association. There are no know records of the wiring or plumbing on any unit.

What is the homeowners repair responsibility?

As per Section 13, of the bylaws, labeled “Surfaces,” provides “An owner, however, shall be deemed to own and shall have the exclusive right and duty to repair and maintain, …. all appurtenant installations, including all pipes, ducts, wires, cables and conduits used in connection therewith, for services such as power, light, telephone, sewer, water, heat and air conditioning, whether located in the boundaries of the unit or in common areas, which are for the exclusive use of the unit…” As such the sewer line servicing the any affected units is a private element in a common area subject to the homeowner’s duty to repair.

Are there any other policies, procedures, rules, or regulations for Stone’s Throw Condominiums?

A list of our House Rules (Covenants and Restrictions) can be located at on the website under documents link.

Comprehensive information governing all homeowner responsibilities and association policies and procedures (bylaws) are located at on the website under documents link.

What if I found an answer that was not clear or contradictory to the bylaws?

Should a contradiction be found/notices within this questionnaire, the official governing rules/bylaws shall prevail. The association reserves the right to change, amended, delete this question and answer for at any time or if made aware of such errors. If you find an error, please use the contact us page and let us know of the error.

I found an error on the website or a document.

If you find an error on the website or any of the documents on the website, please email the president and provide the page or link that has the error. Corrects will be made promptly. If you find an error, please use the contact us page and let us know of the error at  http://www.stonesthrow.org/contact-us/ or email the president.

Can I request addition to this Question and Answer sheet.

Yes, if you feel there is important information that need to be added to this informational form, please mail/email/of drop off what you would like added to the sheet.